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As featured at Nest Consulting's programmes:

Modibodi is fashionable, comfortable, highly technical underwear, designed to empower women by protecting them against life’s annoying but very common unmentionables – sweat, light bladder leaks, menstruation.

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As featured at Nest Consulting's programmes:

hannahpad is a washable, sustainable & eco-friendly, cloth pads made of unbleached certified organic cotton. Great healthier alternative for your menstrual cycles

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NZ based online store of alternative sanitary and womanly products to improve health & wellbeing.

Stockists of the original Moon Cup and Modibodi undies.

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NZ based online store providing safe, eco-conscious, cost effective and healthy alternative sanitary products including menstrual cups, washable pads (hannah pads) and Modibodi undies.

To purchase click here: My Cup

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Girls and Women

Nest Consulting support the International 'Days for Girls' Charity who aim to produce and supply recyclable menstrual products and provide sexuality education to developing populations in need. Our senior Educator has completed the DFG distribution certificate and is qualified as a DFG's Ambassador of Women's Health. We post regular updates detailing our involvement on our FaceBook page.
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 NZ Celebration Day for Girls: a wonderful day for girls and their female care-giver/Mother to understand, share experiences and celebrate menarche (click icon for further information on days run by Nest Consulting)



  • communityWe are available to assist you with health, education, employment and community projects aimed at the youth, adult, women's, mother and child, family and/or mental health sector.
  • We can assist with proposals, new service start-ups, programme coordination, clinical advice, SOPs /protocols, clinical pathways, assessment and more.
  • We can create programmes as commissioned along with providing Educators / Facilitators for delivery.
  • We can assist with project management: proposal responses, research, report writing, staff management.

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